Buying Wild Living products provides the economic incentive for East African people to actively conserve their natural resources.

Effectively linking
the health of the environment to people's continued prosperity.

Funding development in a dignified and self sufficient manner that changes people's lives forever!


Natural Product European Export

Key EU Import Requirements (175kb)
FSC certification of bamboo (19kb)
Interpretation of EU Import Requirements (142kb)

Natural Product Packaging and Labelling

General EU Packaging and Labelling Guidelines (53kb)
EU Food Labelling Regulations (100kb)
Guidance on New EU Labelling Requirements (31kb)
Labelling & Packaging of Herbal Medicines (29kb)

Wild Indigenous and Novel Foods

Novel foods IPGRI presentation (0kb)
Novel Foods IPGRI discussion paper (100kb)
Novel Foods EU Discussion Paper (181kb)

Non Wood Forest Products

NWFP Resource Management & Improvement (46kb)
NWFP The Way Ahead (376kb)
Resource Assesment of NWFP (42kb)

Alternative Herbal Medicine

Advice To Herbal Medicine Consumers (40kb)
Directive on Herbal Medicinal Products (395kb)
Agricultural & Collection Practices for Herbals (75kb)
Guidance on Regulation of Unlicensed Herbals (15kb)
Herbals Registration Background & Policy (28kb)
Guidance on Quality of Herbal Medicines (73kb)
Placing a Herbal Medicine in the UK Market (36kb)
Safety of Herbal Medicinal Products report 2002 (140kb)

Enviromental Certification-FSC

FSC Profile (85kb)
SLIMF eligibility criteria (102kb)
COC Standard for Project Certification (144kb)
Advice on certification of bamboo (19kb)
COC standards for suppliers and manufucturers (222kb)
Forest Evaluation Management (101kb)

Enviromental Certification-MSC

MSC Profile (210kb)
Add value to sustainable seafood (598kb)
Conserving fisheries improving livelihoods (1,930kb)
Managing fisheries for the future (0kb)
Fishery assesment and certification process (36kb)

Enviromental Certification-Soil Association

Soil association profile (134kb)
Biodiversity benefits of organic farming (102kb)
Coast Farm Forestry Association Kenya (495kb)
Ethical trade some questions answered (104kb)
How does organic farming benefit wildlife (91kb)