Buying Wild Living products provides the economic incentive for East African people to actively conserve their natural resources.

Effectively linking
the health of the environment to people's continued prosperity.

Funding development in a dignified and self sufficient manner that changes people's lives forever!


Wild Living Technical Advisory Team:

Rob Barnett:Conservation and Sustainable Use Advisor. From running the World Conservation Union and WWFs wild life trade TRAFFIC program in Kenya to coordinating diverse projects throughout East and Southern Africa, Rob has considerable experience on natural resource sustainable use issues. Robbarnett@wildliving.com

Francis Ole Nkako:Community Development Advisor. Francis has worked for over two decades in the community conservation sector, firstly with the Kenya Wildlife Service and latterly as CEO of the Ewaso Nyiro Regional Development Authority. Francisolenkako@wildliving.com

Susie Wren:Natural Products Supply Chain Development Advisor. Having been integral in the establishment of the Zambian, Malawian and Kenyan Organic Farmers Associations, Susie has a wealth of organic and natural products supply chain development, certification and marketing expertise. Susiewren@wildliving.com

Alex Kubi:Wood and Non Wood Forest Product Certification Advisor. - Involved in the expanding wood and non wood forest products sector in East Africa, Alex has worked for many years in establishing the first Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified Small to Low Intensity Managed Forest (SLIMF) in Kenyas Coastal Region. Alexkubi@wildliving.com

David Njuguna:Web Based Marketing Advisor. David brings a wealth of technical web site, software and web based marketing skills to the Wild Living team that enables cost effective yet professional access to the global world wide web assisted market. Davidnjuguna@wildliving.com

Job Ballad:Visual Communications Advisor. As graphic designer, visual editor and press coordinator for magazines and journals, and skilled in the design of web marketing platforms, labels and packaging, and point of sales materials, Job has the necessary skills required for effective and professional value addition of East African natural products. Jobballad@wildliving.com

Peter Ngure:Packaging, Printing, Value Addition Advisor. With over twenty five years experience working in the printing and packaging industry in Kenya, Peter has an extensive network that results in obtaining the best value for money whilst maintaining international standards for East African natural products producers. Peterngure@wildliving.com

Sylvestor Gule:Natural Products R&D and Quality Control Advisor. Working with ICIPEs R&D Department on a wide range of natural products commercialization from herbal medicines, neutracuticals and bio pesticides, Sylvestor has also been involved in assisting many emerging East African natural products producers satisfy stringent quality control and safety guidelines. Sylvestorgule@wildliving.com

Wellington Muli:Traditional Herbal Medicine. Muli has been involved in Traditional Herbal Medicine (THM) as a practitioner and promoter of sustainable and ethical practices for many years. From establishing the Machakos Herbalist Club with over eighty herbal practitioner members to promoting sustainable harvesting and medicinal plant propagation, Muli has considerable knowledge on all aspects of herbal production and use. Wellingtonmuli@wildliving.com