Buying Wild Living products provides the economic incentive for East African people to actively conserve their natural resources.

Effectively linking
the health of the environment to people's continued prosperity.

Funding development in a dignified and self sufficient manner that changes people's lives forever!

Wild Carcade Herbal Tea Many naturally aromatic herbal teas occur throughout East Africa. Increasingly, sustainable harvest and farming of these herbal teas for domestic and international markets is providing the economic engine for achievement of conservation and development in East Africa.
Wild Carcade Herbal Tea MERU HERBS for instance, is now organically farming the highly valued indigenous Karcade rather than low value subsistence maize crops in Kenyas Meru District. Communities in Ugandas arid northern districts are restoring overgrazed and soil eroded lands throughout the savannah by planting indigenous lemon grass.
Wild Carcade Herbal Tea Renowned for their anti-oxidant and toxin cleansing properties, Wild Living's herbal tea range offers the most renowned indigenous and natural teas from the East Africa region that conform to strict phyto-sanitary and health regulations. By linking the health of habitats to peoples livelihoods, Wild Livings East African Herbal Teas are a naturally African Conservation and Livelihoods product.
By buying these unique products you are not only enjoying their natural benefits, you are also assisting local people safeguard the habitats they are made from.

Funding development in a dignified and self-sufficient manner that changes peoples lives forever!
Ksh 450.00