Buying Wild Living products provides the economic incentive for East African people to actively conserve their natural resources.

Effectively linking
the health of the environment to people's continued prosperity.

Funding development in a dignified and self sufficient manner that changes people's lives forever!

Wild Sudanese Shea Oil Torn by decades of civil war, the people of South Sudan are now trying to rebuild their lives. Although lacking the manufacturing infrastructure with little opportunity for formal wage employment - South Sudan is endowed with remarkable natural resources.
Wild Sudanese Shea Oil One such unique resource is the nuts from the Shea forests. Groups of enterprising women supported by LULU WORKS are now producing the highest quality cold pressed Shea hand moisturizer. By providing these groups with a dependable income the Shea forests are now being protected from loggers.
Wild Sudanese Shea Oil Used for centuries by South Sudanese women, Shea is widely believed to be responsible for their renowned complexions. Containing only one hundred percent natural ingredients, Shea hand moisturizer protects and nourishes naturally. By linking the health of the Shea forests to peoples livelihoods, Wild Living's Shea Hand Moisturizer is a naturally African Conservation and Livelihoods product.
By buying this unique product you are not only enjoying its natural benefits, you are also assisting local people to safeguard the South Sudanese Shea Forests it is made from.

Funding development in a dignified and self-sufficient manner that changes peoples lives forever!
Ksh 1035.00