Buying Wild Living products provides the economic incentive for East African people to actively conserve their natural resources.

Effectively linking
the health of the environment to people's continued prosperity.

Funding development in a dignified and self sufficient manner that changes people's lives forever!

Wild Kenana Natural Dye Toys The once abundant wildlife filled grasslands of highland Kenya are now characterized more by small scale subsistence farming plots. As people struggle to earn a living through farming, opportunities for growing more biodiverse and valuable crops are few and far between.
Wild Kenana Natural Dye Toys One enterprising initiative, Kenana Knitters is trying to change this situation by making highly crafted hand knitted toys from wool. Additional income is created by adding value to one of the few available resources on the farms. Furthermore, the wool is dyed using only natural and indigenous plants that is stimulating farmers to conserve these species on their land.
Wild Kenana Natural Dye Toys Wild Living's Kenana Toys are providing significant income to over 80 farming families in Njoro, resulting in increased schooling enrollments, and improved health awareness. By promoting the use of indigenous dyes the farmland areas will increasingly host, not only maize, but also indigenous and natural plants creating a more biodiverse habitat for the wildlife of the area.
By buying this unique product you are not only enjoying its natural benefits, you are also assisting local people to realise a greater economic value from their unique produce.

Funding development in a dignified and self-sufficient manner that changes peoples lives forever!