Buying Wild Living products provides the economic incentive for East African people to actively conserve their natural resources.

Effectively linking
the health of the environment to people's continued prosperity.

Funding development in a dignified and self sufficient manner that changes people's lives forever!

Good Wood Noahs Train Whilst the carving industry provides livelihoods for some 50,000 carvers and their families, a market demand for threatened hardwoods has resulted in the virtual disappearance of a valuable natural resource. This subsequently endagers the wildlife biodiversity as well as a critical source of livelihood for many.
Good Wood Noahs Train To safeguard the carving industry and conserve East Africas dwindling hardwood tree species, WWF and OXFAM are promoting the use of Neem good woods that are grown by coastal farmers. Farmers now conserve their farm forests for their livelihoods value and are benefiting from increased water catchment and soil fertility.
Good Wood Noahs Train As the first Forest Stewardship Certified (FSC) sustainably managed wood source in East Africa, some 1,500 small scale farms are now certified to supply good woods to carving cooperatives. Certified farmers now receive higher prices for their wood and carvers work in a more secure and sustainable carving industry.
Buy buying this unique product you are not only enjoying its natural benefits, you are also assisting local people to safeguard the forests it is made from.

Funding development in a dignified and self-sufficient manner that changes peoples lives forever!