Buying Wild Living products provides the economic incentive for East African people to actively conserve their natural resources.

Effectively linking
the health of the environment to people's continued prosperity.

Funding development in a dignified and self sufficient manner that changes people's lives forever!

Natural Mwarubaini Bubble Bath The coastal area of East Africa is one of the poorest in the region with high malnutrition and infant mortality rates. Subsistence farming on arid infertile land barely yields a hand to mouth existence forcing many farmers to clear forests for short term economic gain.
Natural Mwarubaini Bubble Bath Reversing this trend, with support from SARONEEM Mwarubaini forests are now being planted by farmers because of the annual income they can make from selling its seeds. These emerging forests are improving water catchment values, providing habitat for wildlife and improving the overall land productivity.
Natural Mwarubaini Bubble Bath Mwarubaini, also known as Neem and the wonder tree has over one hundred known medicinal values. One of these is the dermatological properties of its oil that constitutes the key ingredient in Wild Livings Mwarubiani Bubble Bath. By linking the health of the Mwarubaini forest to peoples livlihoods, Wild Living's Mwarubaini Bubble Bath is a naturally African Conservation and Livelihoods product.
By buying this unique product you are not only enjoying its natural benefits, you are also assisting local people to safeguard the Mwarubaini forests it is made from.

Funding development in a dignified and self-sufficient manner that changes peoples lives forever!